Explore the infinite color possibilities of your photography.

Finding a direction is often the hardest part about color grading. As a retoucher, I often found it difficult to see where I wanted to go with an image in Photoshop. I wanted to create a tool that guides you to explore the possibilities of your image in a way that makes it enjoyable, no matter what you photograph. I believe Infinite Color will be a priceless tool that will allow you to discover the potential of each image and uncover colors you never imagined possible. 
— Pratik Naik (founder)
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What is Infinite Color?


Infinite Color is an answer to a problem I've had for over 10 years. How can I make intricate and advanced color grading accessible to all, fun to use, fast to create, and easy to navigate? How can I help people steer every image to the destination that is truly influenced by their own personal preferences and brings out the photo's utmost potential? How can I connect the colors creatives want out of their image and easily bring it to life?

This is Infinite Color. 

This product was dreamed up by me and developed in conjunction with legendary Conny Wallstrom over the course of many months. In short, it's a panel that works in Photoshop (Creative Cloud). It's a smart color grading tool that expertly randomizes a set of adjustment layers to create a unique look to your images. In length, it's a lot more than that. Be sure and see the video below to explore what it truly is about. 



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See How it Works!


This video is an introductory look into what it is, and how to use it. The first half of the video is me talking about the reason why it was created and who it's for. The second half is an overview of every feature!


This video, by Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect, is a great look into the wide range of possibilities Infinite Color has by itself and in conjunction with other tools within Photoshop!

Use Infinite Color Like A Pro!

How do you save your layers? Can I use this to color grade video? Can I apply the colors I make to an entire series? How do I use the harmonize function?

Be sure to visit our EDUCATION section for more videos about everything you can think of. We created an entire section dedicated to not only answer the most common questions on using the panel, but show you some tips and tricks about making the most out of the panel so you can master using Infinite Color!

Key Features


It was created to make color grading fun, easy, but most importantly, produce intricately beautiful results. People usually don't know what they want, but they do know what they like when they see it. This tool will help guide you in seeing the color possibilities your image has, so it can guide you into deciding on what you really like in the fastest possible time.

Customizable Randomization

It works just like a slot machine, hit create and watch it generate a unique look with the adjustment layers you choose. The layers stay in-tact, so you can also re-shuffle individual layers in case you find something you almost like but may want to tweak. It's completely customizable!

Look Like No One Else

The colors you generate will be yours and yours alone, with an infinite number of color possibilities, what you create will always be unique!

Get Advanced And Stack Color Groups

You can stack multiple groups of colors together so once you generate one layer stack, you can continue and generate more to create a highly intricate look! 

Save Hours

When asked, professionals told us that Infinite Color not only gets them a beautiful result, but it saves them so much time.


No matter if your tastes in color are minor or prefer an aggressive look, the level of control will appeal to the most particular of palettes. The light, medium, and intense modes account for different tonal ranges.

Smart Settings

* Once you set an opacity of the folder of colors it generates, it stays there no matter how many looks you create.
* If you don't like a specific look, we've scripted it so that you can easily hit Undo to go back to the previous look you created. 

Professional Grade Results

We've made sure the parameters of each adjustment layer work cohesively together so the results are pleasing. I've ensured first hand that the potential of colors replicate a rich palette. Working professionals in every genre use this to create stunning filmic or cinematic looks! 

Harmonize - Instantly Color Tone

The Harmonize feature generates a harmonious set of colors for your highlights, shadows, and midtones based on what it deems most pleasing from the image. Once generated, you can select which colors you want in each tonal region! 



As a thank you, the price of the panel is only $99 USD!
Simply enter coupon code "VIP" on checkout, and you'll get $30 off the price.
Available for a limited time only. Prices are in USD.

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NOTE: This will work for any version of Creative Cloud, but not CS6.
To get the version that works for CS6, please check out the CS6 page.


Be sure to visit our education page! We have a series of videos that will not only get you up to speed, but show you ways to use the panel to get the most out of it!


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Complete Your Creative Workflow!

With the demand from our community and the success of Infinite Color, we created this companion tool to complete your creative workflow. We spent months crafting the right combination of layers and settings to truly create an infinite number of black and white renditions. It will pair perfectly with Infinite Color like a glass of fine wine at a high class dinner.


NOTE: This will work for any version of Creative Cloud, but not CS6.
To get the version that works for CS6, please check out the CS6 page.

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Bundle and Save!

This ultimate creative bundle includes both the Infinite Color and Black & White panels at the lowest price available!
With both of these tools, you’ll be equipped to truly leverage your creativity and explore the potential of every image!

Originally valued at $238
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NOTE: This will work for any version of Creative Cloud, but not CS6.
To get the version that works for CS6, please check out the CS6 page.

See What Our Community is Creating

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“The Gallery” reflects some of our all time favorite images from our community.
We really love representing the excellence we find through our community!

Here's What Real Photographers Are Saying

Emily McGonigle - Portraits

Anyone who knows me, knows that I hate presets and filters… and Infinite Color Panel is neither of those things.

Most presets are sold with a tagline like, “edit your photos just like me”, but the fact of the matter is: That’s false advertisement. Most hopeful photographers who purchase presets with that mindset will never make photos that looks like the sample images. Even though they may be able to edit the same way, they may not light the same way, they may not photograph their subjects the same way, or they may lack the same nuances as the photographer selling the presets.

Infinite Color Panel doesn’t promise that my photos will look like another photographer’s work; it promises that my images will look like MY work.
Read full review here.

Website | Instagram

Shavonne Wong  - Fashion / Beauty

I really enjoy using this panel as it gave me a lot of options on colour grading my images. The fact that it comes up with its own combinations allows me to see different colour grades that I would not have even considered on my own, therefore adding more possibilities to how I can do my work. The layers also allow for easy tweaking making it easy to adjust according to my taste. Loads of fun to play with!  

Website | Instagram

Dave Brosha - Landscapes

Although I have close to 15 years of photographic experience and consider myself pretty well-versed in post-processing including Lightroom and Photoshop, one thing I’ve never been fantastic at is color grading and using colour to achieve a more cinematic feel to my landscape/nature work.

I found Infinite Color to be a great tool to allow photographers to inject colour creativity into their workflow; through experimentation with the various tools within the Infinite panel you can achieve all sorts of one-click effects that you can tweak to your own personal preference.  And that’s the strength of this tool: it provides a very simple interface to easily start you down the path of your desired color grade which you can then “personalize” and take in many different directions.  I can see it definitely becoming a solid part of my post-workflow.

Website | Instagram

Before and Afters
See How Photographers Use Infinite Color


Seeing is believing! Here's a look into the before and after images along with their layers, so you can see exactly where they started from, how many layers they created, and where they ended up! You can also click on each image to see the beautiful detail. 

See what the press and people are saying about Infinite Color

If the testimonials from working photographers don't get you interested,
here's a look at what the most trusted photography sites and reviewers have to say!



Use coupon code "VIP" on checkout, and you'll get $30 off the price.
* This is not for CS6, for more details, please see our FAQ .
* Price is in USD

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