Infinite Color Panel has officially turned 1 year old!
To celebrate, we're hosting a color challenge with $4,000 in prizes!

(we tailor made packages to appeal to everyone)!

This community has grown into something worth celebrating. The response has truly been beyond anything I would have imagined. It showed me just how much you wanted a platform to connect with others who loved color grading just as much as you! It has become a home to so many of us who love exploring our creativity!

To celebrate, we wanted to do a color challenge with a massive grand prize, worth up to $4,000!

My hope is that we really get to see creativity shine when the incentive is something that can change someone's life and inspire their journey as creatives!

By entering in this challenge, you agree that Facebook are completely released and acknowledge that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by or associated with Facebook.

Why am I doing this?

I want this challenge to be a call-out to others so that they can become aware of this community and our panel. I want others to know just how powerful this tool is in their journey by seeing what others do it. It has literally changed my creative process and I use it in all major editorial and commercial work that I’ve done from magazines and commercial ad campaigns for major brands shot by professionals.

Also, many of us barely have the time to really focus on creating something for ourselves. I hope this inspires a spark in us to be creative again for the fun of it through a community like ours. It will be inspiring to see what people create when they put their full passion into it.

Photographer:  Shavonne Wong

Photographer: Shavonne Wong


Seeing is Believing

If you want to see more of what people are creating, join our FB Group and see our Instagram page for daily features. You can also see all the creatives we interview and feature on our blog, and learn more about ways you can use the panel on our education page.

The Rules:

1. Color grade 1 to 5 images using Infinite Color Panel as a part of your process.
* You may use your own photographs, or color grade someone else's (with their permission of course!)
* You can also submit images you’ve worked on in the past! So you may already be ready to go.
* We want to see what you come up with primarily using our panel. You may add a few additional adjustment layers and modify the ones the panel creates as long as the look is at least 75% from utilizing the panel.
* If you are new to it, I recommend techniques like color stacking, grading the highlights an shadows separately, and more from our education page!

2. Share the before and after on Instagram (up to 5 posts)
Each image you color grade must be a single post on Instagram (public profiles only) where you share the before and after.
* The "before" can be retouched to cleanup the skin and any other details, just as long as it's before any color grading.
* How? You can do this by uploading two photos in one post, so people can swipe to see a before and after. Post the “after” first, and the “before” second.

3. The caption/description MUST explain all of these 5 items:
A) We want to know your thought process. Explain WHY did you decided to color grade the image the way you did.
B) Write about WHY you like using Infinite Color or why it was helpful to the process.
C) What will it mean for you if you won with one of the packages listed below? How will it change your creative journey?
D) You must link back to this page, so people know it’s a part of the challenge (
E) Use @Infinitecolorpanel in the description, AND tag our account as well on each post. We'll be featuring a few of you along the way too.

4. Additional entries on Facebook
You may also post images on Facebook or additional entries. Simply use the hashtag #infinitecolorchallenge and link back to this post and we’ll be monitoring that as well.

5. FINALLY, most important…
Once you share the post(s) on social media, come back to this page and submit your post to the gallery below and you're all set!

6. Yes this challenge is open to anyone in the world!

Example Post


Get The Edge Over Your Competition

To learn more about ways you can use the panel to the fullest, head on over to our education page. I recommend looking at videos like color stacking, grading the highlights and shadows independently, and picking your own highlight color when using our harmonize function.If you want to learn more, come check out our FB Group!

Photographer:  Erika Barker

Photographer: Erika Barker


Deadline + Winning Decision

The deadline will be Wednesday, October 16th 8 p.m. Eastern Time Zone
Winners will be chosen based on a mix of a few variables, including an inspiring before and after transformation,
a compelling and educational caption, and what winning their intended prize means for them in their career.
The winner will be decided by a panel of 3 hand-picked creatives including myself. Names will be left out to prevent biases.

The Grand Prize:

We actually asked our community what they wanted to win and we decided we wanted to go all out and do one mega prize.

The winner gets to pick one of these packages. Each package’s value may only go up to $4,000 and not exceed it (including taxes).
Shipping cost will be covered on our end.

1. A mirrorless camera and lens of choice. This includes offerings from Canon, Sony, Nikon, or Fuji etc.
2. A new laptop of your choice (including MacBook Pro, Dell XPS, or others).
3. Any large format printer, ink cartridges, and paper of choice.
4. A one on one in person 3 day post-production workshop with me.
I fly to you and spend time teaching and training you over a course of three days, but also provide critique and feedback at each step of the process from the ground up no matter your experience level.
5. Lighting bundle - Profoto B10 light set or any other arrangement of lighting equipment.
6. An Eizo CG Display + a Wacom tablet.
7. A bundle of your favorite photo books.
8. A spot for a paid 5 day getaway to a future Retouching Retreat including flight, food and any additional travel costs.
9. Funding for a personal project.
10. Hand painted backdrops from any vendor of choice.

Second and Third Place Winners:

A full reimbursement of the Infinite Color Panel
A personal critique session of your portfolio
Retouching credit from Pratik Naik for 4 images
A one on one online tutorial session on anything regarding post production with Pratik Naik.
$200 credit to a future Retouching Retreat

This is completely self funded, we have no sponsors this round. But the more entries we have, the better our next one will be!
It encourages potential sponsors to jump on board to provide even more prizes in the future.
So please do enter, it does more than just give you a chance to win something incredible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have to be newer work?

It does not, you can absolutely use previous work if you are proud of what you created. Some people like to use newer work as they've become better at using the panel. You can also re-create something using previous images too.

Is it limited to portraits and landscapes?

You can absolutely submit any genre as long as there is no nudity as it is not allowed on social media. And our submissions are based on what is uploaded on social media.