This section is dedicated to getting up to speed with the panel! Here are a few videos that will compliment your experience in order to get the most out of your images. 


Overview and Introduction

This introductory video will give a quick insight into all the features, what it is, and how to use it! If you only have time for one video, this would be it. You'll span from the start of how we came up with the tool, what each feature does, and how to save your layers. 
(Photo by Bella Kotak)

Saving Your Layers and Applying It To A Series

If you end up with something that you like, it’s important to save your layers should you want to use them in the future. This video shows you how to do that using Libraries so you can keep them forever, even if it’s on another device! This only works for Creative Cloud. An alternate method of saving your PSD is available for non-Creative Cloud versions.

Also, be sure you convert your image to 8 bit before saving your layers. Due to a bug in Creative Cloud, if you keep it in 16bit, the size of each file in your libraries will be over 200mb. 
(Photo by Zack Rubin)
(Model: Silvi Banushi)

How To use The Harmonize Function

The most requested tool is the Harmonize function. This tutorial covers what it is, how we came up with it, how it’s used, and how it can be modified. You’ll be able to apply a quick color grade instantly with the simplest setup and the fastest range of control. Use it in combination with the randomized layers the panel generates, or by itself. 
(Photo by Clovis Durand)

Color Stacking and Guiding ICP To Meet Your Color Vision

Color stacking is the key to coming up with the most advanced looks possible. The process will let you built multiple looks to form an intricate color grade. In the process, I will also show you how to let the panel guide you into reading into your own preferences so that you can guide it to where you want it to go. 

Explore your own preferences with what it presents to you, and then take that to another level by guiding it to completion through color stacking. 
(Photo by Orçun Açık) 

Two Ways To Compare Multiple Looks

What if you come across a few different looks that you like from what the panel generates. How do you quickly compare them to see which one you like best?  This tutorial explores two different methods in order to compare multiple looks. 
(Photo by Trey Amick)

Color Grade Highlights and Shadows Independently

The advanced looks that Infinite Color Panel generates creates a world of possibilities. What if we could add another dimension to that? This tutorial shows you how to come up with different looks in different tonal regions of the image. Do you like a particular look but only wish it was applied to the shadows? This will show you how. You can also come up with something unique for just the highlights to create looks that would usually almost feel impossible to achieve.
(Photo by Sourav)


The harmonize function allows you to create a harmonious look based on the highlight color the image. If you've always wanted to pick your own highlight color to base the engine off of, this brilliant method will help you do just that. Special thanks to Kirk Thibault for this submission!
(Photo by LS Creative)


In the saving your layers video, we went over how to save your layers and apply them to a series of images. The downside is you have to do it image by image. This method will show you how to do it to a series of images in one click. After downloading a free script, you'll be able to do it easily as long as you have all the images open. 
(Photo by Andrew Foord)


If you ever work on images that are dark, you might have an issue where the harmonize function doesn't recognize any highlights. Here's a quick method in order to overcome that issue by simple using levels or curves. 
(Photo by Christyl O'Flaherty)

Color Grading the Community


Color Grading the Community is a series where I work on images from the public. People were curious to see how the panel would work on a variety of images and this is a way to show people how it looks! 

To submit your own, join our Facebook group where I’ll be giving the opportunity to people regularly to submit. 


more coming soon!

* Color grading video with Infinite Color
* A beginner's guide to the adjustment layers in Infinite Color
* Videos featuring how other creatives use it in their workflow! 


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