can i use this on both windows and mac

This panel is for both operating systems, you'll be getting both copies for each download.

how do I install Infinite color panel?

Be sure and see the video below to install the panel and double check that you've done these two things: 

1. Make sure you have closed Photoshop first. Or, if you install it while it is open, restart it. Otherwise the panel won’t be visible in Photoshop.
2. Make sure you install the actions that come with the zip file! Otherwise you will get a dialog that says the panel can't find the actions.
3. Restart Photoshop and then your panel will be visible under Window - Extensions.


how do I install infinite black & white panel?

Installing Infinite Black & White panel consists of the same method as Infinite Color Panel above,
except there aren’t actions as a part of the process so you can skip step 2.

If for some reason Infinite Color Panel uninstalled during the process of installing Infinite B&W, simply re-install Infinite Color Panel.

How can I make sure I receive e-mails from the mailing list?

Please mark our e-mail address as safe - both and

my download link was empty, expired, or had a weird error message

send us an e-mail at and we'll take care of you.

do you offer any trials?

Unfortunately with how panels work, we don't have the capabilities for trial copies.

What is your refund policy? 

We do not offer any refunds but we'll gladly do our best to help should any problems arises with installation! We're certain we'll get you on your path to having fun with Infinite Color! If there are any unforeseen issues we'll make sure you're not stuck with something you can't use. 

What version of Photoshop will this work with?

The panel itself will work perfectly with any version of Creative Cloud. We also have a version for Photoshop CS6 users, which is in the works! The reason is these panels don't work in CS6 since it's a different architecture, so we can only develop a set of actions for CS6 users to use. It will have the same functionality, but it won't have a panel and be controllable through actions. It will be a separate product.

We'd highly recommend upgrading to Creative Cloud for the panel for the most optimum experience. 

Will this work for Lightroom and Adobe Elements? 

This is strictly for Adobe Photoshop and it will not work at present on another program.

Will you accept PayPal? 

 Absolutely! On checkout, you can use PayPal as an option. 

i can't seem to find the shopping cart or click on it

Sometimes web browsers may not play nice with the shopping cart. If any issues arise, simply visit once you've added the panel to your shopping cart and you'll be able to check out!

how many computers can i put this on?

Your copy includes the license to place Infinite Color on 3 different devices.


Fear not! This is a problem that seems to happen just with Norton. What is happening is a situation which is known as a "False-Positive" and it makes anti-virus softwares think that any installation file that could potentially be a virus, to be deleted/removed. Norton is very notorious for this. It's very conservative and aggressive and to those who are not any more wiser, this can be detrimental to the user and make people like me look bad. 

Here is a post that explains it in detail: (LINK)

You can turn off Norton and install it, or if you are feeling insecure about doing so, send us a polite message and we'll send you a clean copy that won't set off any alarms, but it will require a manual installation. The only difference is that it is a slightly longer process than the convenient one-click installation you normally have. 

windows specific problems

1. The Installer on Windows does not work.
Once you get the download file, make sure you have extracted the zip file. Double clicking it alone will not work.
If you aren’t familiar with “extracting”, please follow this direction:

There will be two more zip files. Make sure you then extract the one that is named 

Once extracted, you can then install the contents by following the installation video above. 

2. There’s a warning on Windows that doesn’t allow me to run the installer. 
Click on “More information to get the button, “Open”. 

3. Issue: Your Photoshop is located on a different drive than your operating system.
Make sure you install the panel in the same hard drive Photoshop is on. This is only for people who have purposely installed Photoshop in a different hard drive. 

4. Anti-Virus Software issue - I can’t find or load the installation file!
Make sure your anti-virus software is turned off before installing. It may be conflicting with the installation .exe file