Moving Images By Shavonne Wong: The Art Of Adding Motion In An Image

Shavonne Wong is an incredible photographer and a human being. She’s always re-imagining her work in creative ways, and seeing her rise through the world of fashion is incredible. We’ve featured her before for her work on Top Model, but this time we have something truly unique and I think you’ll believe so too.

She came out with something that blew our minds and calls them “Moving Images.” The name is self explanatory. Each photograph is animated and music is added to create a hypnotic art piece!

I asked her about her inspiration behind these mystical pieces.

”I've done photography now for about 8 years and have recently started dabbling in videography. However I didn't want to leave photography behind and this seemed like the best way to blend both!”

This caught my attention because she used Infinite Color as a part of color grading them. I was honored and asked to share them and she obliged.

The audio for each video loops, but they collectively make up an entire song. This is the work of Tan Ming Jiefrom Homeground Studios!

Original soundtrack written by @hellomjito from Homeground Studios


Photographer/ Retoucher/ Animator: Shavonne Wong Zhiffy Photography
Model: Adél Szegedi (Basic Models Management)
Stylist: Violet Foo
Makeup: Benji Oo
Hair: @hairby__p
Lighting: Profoto
Tethered into: Capture One Pro
Edited: Wacom #IntuosProAdobe Adobe Photoshop Adobe After EffectInfinite Color Panel