Unmesh Dinda Of PiXimperfect Gets His Hands On Infinite Color Panel

Let me tell you, Infinite Color is my baby and I really put a lot of thought into the idea of it. I've seen first hand how many epic creations have been made by some bad ass photographers and creatives around the world. However, I really wanted to see it reviewed by someone who has a serious fundamental understanding of Photoshop to see what they would think of it.

Here comes Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect. He's one of my favorite instructors because I relate to the same fire he has in him about Photoshop! We have the same unexplainable obsession with pixel pushing! So I threw the panel his way after bringing it to his attention and he came up with this epic review. 

He really surprised me.

What I love most about this review is not just the production, but the sheer depth that he went to. I learned ways that I would use it that I never imagined. For instance, combining the color range feature to create masks on your layer stack so you can color grade a specific range of objects. He color grades the leaves in a bush to completely change the feel of it. Also, he uses ICP to change skin tones! He even goes into luminosity ranges with ICP. 


It just gets better and better the more you go into it. Unmesh has a style that has no fluff at all and pure information. I dig it, and I love this video and think everyone should check this out if you have the panel or are considering it. This video does my panel justice and hope you enjoy checking it out! 

As a bonus, in the description of the YouTube link, you can grab a free download to all of the finished PSD files!

Thanks for doing the panel justice Unmesh. You can also support Unmesh through his awesome Patreon page (link) and by following his YouTube channel!