If you're reading this, it's because you've been given first access to Infinity Panel before it officially goes live to the public! If you're new to Infinite Panel, check out our homepage to learn everything about it.

I am so proud and excited to share this journey with me. Infinite Color represents months of dreaming a tool to life that has improved my own work from day 1 as a full time creative and as a stickler for perfection. It’s an intricate way to create advanced colors quickly, while still being unique to the person guiding the colors, and still being completely customizable. 

The power it gives the user is endless, but it’s also designed to be reigned in to craft colors to your vision. It’s a double edge sword that has only benefits on both ends.



What Is Infinite Color?

In case you may have missed it, here's a video that showcases exactly what this is and how to use it! The power of color stacking to craft a look is by far the pinnacle of what I expect this tool to be used for to truly create beautiful and unique looks. No matter how you use it, I am excited to see what you do! To learn more, visit our homepage.




This will work for any version of Creative Cloud.
It won't work for CS6 yet, please see the FAQ section for details. 

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