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Explore the infinite black & white possibilities of your photography.

“Finding the right black and white conversion is often challenging. I always wonder what other options I'm missing even after landing upon something I like. I wanted to create a tool that guides you to explore the infinite number of possibilities that reside in your image no matter what you photograph. I believe Infinite Black & White will be a priceless tool that will allow you to discover the potential of each image and uncover the exact vision in your mind.”

— Pratik Naik (founder)

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 What is Black & White?

Imagine having a tool that allows you an unlimited amount of options with your black & white conversions? It is the answer to a question that I've had for years: How can I make intricate and diverse black & white conversions accessible to all, fun to use, fast to create, and easy to navigate? How can I help people steer every image to the destination that is truly influenced by their own personal preferences and brings out the photo's utmost potential?

This is Infinite Black & White.

This product was dreamed up by me and developed in conjunction with legendary Conny Wallstrom over the course of many months. In short, it's a panel that works in Photoshop (Creative Cloud). It's a smart tool that expertly randomizes a set of adjustment layers to create a unique look to your images.

How Does it Work? See it in Action?

Infinite Black & White works by manipulating the color channels and the luminosity values of the colors in your image in dramatic ways so that you get a unique array of tonal options. Together, these adjustments create a beautiful and unique end result every time. Be sure and see the video below so you can see it in action!


If you’re new to Infinite Black and White, here’s an introduction to what it is and what it can do!


Here’s a great comprehensive tutorial from Unmesh from PiXimperfect. He goes into the different potential uses for the panel and really opens up the possibilities the panel can bring in so many situations.


See and read how professional photographers are using Infinite B&W

Infinite B&W is designed for professional photographers in every genre who want to tailor a completely unique black and white conversion. Here’s a gallery showcasing the work they’ve created with the panel along with their reasons on why they specifically enjoy using it!


Jai Mayhew

“The Infinite Black and White panel just became an integral part of my workflow! It picks up where the Color ICP left off, but what’s incredibly impressive is the added control the B&W panel gives you over every aspect of the color conversion process.”


Antti Karppinen

The new Infinite Black & White tool gives you randomized BW conversions which you can modify with ease. You will get totally fresh and new looks and you will get more out of your images.


Faran Najafi

Here’s why I like it! It has endless black and white possibilities, easy and intuitive user interface, a grain feature that is a nice touch, easy to adjust and modify generated layers, and it brings back the memories of photographing with Leica Monochrom (specially the grain quality).


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