After we released Infinite Color Panel to the world, it has been incredible seeing the range of colors people have been coming up with by thousands of photographers (literally)! I personally have benefited from developing color grades that were not only intricate, but developed in such a quick manner.

About the presets

As a thank you to the community, I have decided to craft up 18 color grades created with Infinite Color Panel and give them away for FREE! Scroll down to see them.

I wanted to see what I could come up with using the panel on images provided by the community. I developed each look in only a few minutes. I would guide the panel (tutorial) and then add my own tiny tweaks to come up with something unique. I really enjoyed playing and wanted you to enjoy them. They will take a life of their own depending on what image you use it on.

1. Each of the 18 “looks” will be the entire adjustment layer stack for you to tweak and use at your will.

2. Below, you’ll find a before/after of all the presets.

3. Each preset has been named according to the photographer that contributed them from our community (Facebook group).

How to download and use the presets (4 steps)

Each “preset” is actually a folder of adjustment layers that get to the final look you see below in the before and after comparison.
This will only work with any version of Photoshop Creative Cloud, and NOT CS6.

1. Enter your e-mail and a link will be sent to you with the download.

2. Once you get the private link, click on it and you will get to this screen once it loads.
Click on SAVE on the top right of the screen. Only then, will it save to your device.

After receiving them, be sure to follow the rest of the steps below to use them.


3. Open up Photoshop (Creative Cloud only), and go to Window > Libraries. You will get this screen.
It will take a moment to load, but eventually you will see “Free Color Layers”, or “Infinite Color Panel - Free Color Layers” in the dropdown menu.
If you hover over the names, you will see the name of the presets.


4. If you do not see it, log out and log back in to your Creative Cloud account (on Photoshop or through the app) and restart Photoshop.
If your Libraries functionality still does not work for whatever reason, please contact Adobe support to have them figure it out.

5. Drag and drop presets from the Library onto the image.
Hold Alt/Option on the preset you want to use and drag it on any open image. If you do not do it right, you will get an empty square with an X in the middle.


Infinite Color Presets - Before/After Previews

jason flynn - jason_flynn_3 (1 of 1)_text.jpg

Photographer: Jason Flynn

Jason 1_text.jpg
Jason 2_text.jpg
Jason 3_text.jpg

Alex Malcolm - IMG_6434 - ALEX MALCOLM _text.jpg

Photographer: Alex Malcom

Alex 1_text.jpg
Alex 2_text.jpg
Alex 3_text.jpg

Dan Ostergren - Mikayla_Krause2_by_Dan_Ostergren_text.jpg

Photographer: Dan Ostergren

Dan 1_text.jpg
Dan 2_text.jpg
Dan 3_text.jpg

Dariusz Stec - _SST3210_text.jpg

Photographer: Dariusz Stec

Dariusz 3_text.jpg

Dan Ostergren - Mikayla_Krause2_by_Dan_Ostergren_text.jpg

Photographer: Tina Leu

Tina Leu 1_text.jpg
Tina Leu 2_text.jpg
Tina Leu 3_text.jpg

Tina Leu - TinaLeu3_text.jpg

Photographer: Tina Leu

Tina Leu 4_text.jpg
Tina Leu 5_text.jpg
Tina Leu 6_text.jpg

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