Unlocking the infinite potential that lies within your image.

Continuing the evolution of creativity from Infinite Color, we collectively sought out to make something never before envisioned. Infinite Texture opens up the possibility of taking the largest database of high resolution textures and gives you the power to access them efficiently for an unparalleled level of creativity.

The ability to add depth to any image from the multitude of textures from Raw Exchange produces an infinite number of possibilities. Artificial Intelligence allows for the ability to incorporate this extensive library in a method never before available. The unique experience of accessing these textures in a customizable way will inspire you to play and create like never before. You have to try it to believe it.
— Stefan Kohler and Pratik Naik (founders)
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Photo by Dracorubio

Photo by Dracorubio

What is Infinite Texture Panel?


Infinite Texture Panel is truly a collaboration between Stefan Kohler and the team at RAWexchange International, Conny Wallstrom, and myself. RAWexchange International is a company that has an unbelievable amount of high res textures collected over the course of years. They’ve amassed a catalog that truly feels unlimited and is unrivaled. What if you had access to ALL of that with a click of a button in a way that also comes with full and clear commercial rights for personal and professional use?

A seemingly unlimited amount of textures in combination with how they all interact with each other make for a truly infinite experience! With the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence to categories and render similar or new textures at the click of a button, the possibilities are endless. You just have to see it in action to get the full grasp of it!

It also comes with a free trial so you can see how amazing it is for yourself.

See How it Works!

Adding textures to an image is an incredible way of bringing special elements to a portrait, or as a means to completely change the mood and depth of a composite image. In this video, we’ll show you what it is and how it works!


(The link will lead to a page with more videos, like the education page on Infinite Color)

If you want an in depth look at some more ways of using Infinite Texture Panel, you won’t want to miss out on these videos in our education section that will go over each element and get you up to speed. From functionality to application, this section is an invaluable resource. We’ll show you how to use the textures in a creative way to create something original, to navigating the categories and randomness slider, and so much more.


Key Features

Extremely Intelligent, beyond artificial

Our highly intuitive “randomness” slider is coupled with artificial intelligence on the back end. If you pick a flowy fabric and want something similar, it knows to pick textures with similar properties. It’s modern day magic. 30 GB of text files help the A.I. connect to all the images. 800 million sets of numbers are accessed with a click of a button and at your fingertips.

Unique Content

The difference between our textures is that they’re shot with composite work in mind. Not only are they in high resolution, the lighting and angle of each make them all usable, not just some of them. Half of these textures are also not published anywhere else!

Future Proof

With the growing demands of creatives, there are plans to continually add more textures based on how much people want them.

Commercial Rights

No matter what you use our textures for, you’re covered. All of them come with full and clear commercial rights. So no matter if you’re using it for a campaign, or for prints, you are set.

4 full categories

With the panel, you have the option of choosing from elements, particles, overlays, lights, or all of them. Your creativity doesn’t have to be held back with a full range of options to pick from.

Free Trial

Seeing is believing, but playing is even better. We really believe that you will love Infinite Texture Panel so much that we’re giving a free trial to everyone. With the trial, you’ll have access to all the textures, but you must have the full version in order to have the ability to download the full resolution files.

INFINITE texture panel is finally available!

Infinite Texture Panel Template Graphic.jpg

Featured Projects

It’s amazing to see how people are using Infinite Texture Panel! Here’s a few incredible projects to give you an idea of what’s possible with it.

Photographer: Meow meow

Photographer: Meow meow

Photographer: Meow meow

Photographer: Meow meow

Photographer: woof woof

Photographer: woof woof

Photographer: woof woof

Photographer: woof woof


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Here’s What the Community is Saying

Meowdy  - Fashion / Beauty Photographer

I really enjoy using this panel! The unlimited options I can create with Infinite Texture Panel is truly in a category of its own. I couldn’t be a cat if I couldn’t use texture panel because I said so. So buy Infinite Texture because I’m a cat and you can’t say no to a cat wearing a cowboy hat. Also because I typed this with my paws and it took 13 months to write this.

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