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Explore an infinite number black and white possibilities

Finding a direction is often the hardest part about color grading. As a retoucher, I often found it difficult to see where I wanted to go with an image in Photoshop. I wanted to create a tool that guides you to explore the possibilities of your image in a way that makes it enjoyable, no matter what you photograph. I believe Infinite Color will be a priceless tool that will allow you to discover the potential of each image and uncover colors you never imagined possible.

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Jai Mayhew


The Infinite Black and White panel just became an integral part of my workflow! It picks up where the Color ICP left off, but what’s incredibly impressive is the added control the B&W panel gives you over every aspect of the color conversion process. Built into the workflow is the ability to isolate adjustments in the highlights, shadows and midtowns. You can add contrast or increase grain. You can take manual control over the color adjustment sliders or leave the technical work to the Panel and simply click through until a recipe captures your artistic vision. It’s so exciting to have access to a tool that increases my efficiency while enhancing the artistry I strive to create with my photographs.

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