We've been truly excited seeing how people use our panel and what news sites, blogs, and reviewers are saying about us. Below are just some of the many places you can learn more about us!


PetaPixel - (Article)
guest post

Fstoppers - (Article)
Review by Trey Amick

SLR Lounge - (Article)
Review by Tina Eisen

iso1200 - (article/video)
review by Antti Karppinen


YouTube Reviews

Unmesh Dinda - PiXimperfect

This in depth review goes into ways we've never seen Infinite Color Panel used before. It's been highly fascating seeing all the possible ways the panel can be used to help color grade entire scenes to certain elements in a scene combining other tools in Photoshop. This is one to watch.



Nathaniel uses Infinite Color to show us a couple of techniques! The first video (at 17:45) showcases his beauty color grading workflow using the panel and how he uses the results to generate something unique. The second video illustrates how you can use Infinite Color to color grade video and match stills and video together.



Nino goes into combining the intricate colors of Infinite Color with luminosity masks with his Lumizone panel! It also shows how he prefers using some of the color functionality vs all of the options.