Meet The Team

Here are the people behind Infinite Color!

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pratik naik

I am a commercial and editorial retoucher, and have been using Photoshop for 20 years, and have been a full time retoucher for 10 years. I am also a retouching educator on the platform The Retouching Series

This desire to create Infinite Color was a vision I had while I struggled finding a voice with color grading. I knew a tool that could guide me to it would be gold, but also help so many others out there! But ideas are only as good as the people behind it. After conception, I reached out to Conny and Tina to make this operation a reality. 

From there, the realization of such a concept was not only a dream, but became a real problem-solving and creative tool! With the feedback from working pros, I knew we had something special.

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Conny Wallstrom

Conny is a photographer, retoucher, and software developer in Sweden. He started using Photoshop as a web developer for nearly 20 years, and has been retouching for 7 years. 

He is also a programmer, which was his main profession until he left and started his own company. 

As you can tell, Conny is incredible at what he does and his voice in the industry has shaped the lives of many creatives through the sharing of knowledge and his development of tools like the famous Retouching Toolkit

Naturally, I had to turn to Conny to make the dream of Infinite Color come to life, and having him on the team has been the heart of this creation. 


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Logan Hickle

Logan is a person who isn’t merely summed up by stating his profession as a photographer, he is someone who truly enjoys being a part of this community and featuring people on a daily basis. He is the face behind most features you see on our Instagram page, the person behind our messages on our FB page, and our group admin making sure we bring the right people in the group! 

He has a background as a portrait photographer for 7 years, originally working with seniors. He recently relocated to the greater Boston area, and is transitioning into more commercial and editorial work. His focus on marketing and business comes through and is perfect for this team! 


Jay Coy

Jay is a conceptual and fine-art photographer that always has a great sense of humor. He is someone who has become an integral part of the community! When it comes to customer support, Jay is the face behind the e-mails that are responded to! He also plays an active role in our group. 

He is also based around the Boston area, which is leading me to believe that Boston has a lot of awesome people. If he had a spirit animal, it would definitely be his wonderful chinchilla, Dobby! I would highly recommend getting to know Jay by checking out some of his work!

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