Meet The Team

Here are the people behind Infinite Color!

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pratik naik

I am a commercial and editorial retoucher, and have been using Photoshop for 20 years, and have been a full time retoucher for 10 years. I am also a retouching educator on the platform The Retouching Series

This desire to create Infinite Color was a vision I had while I struggled finding a voice with color grading. I knew a tool that could guide me to it would be gold, but also help so many others out there! But ideas are only as good as the people behind it. After conception, I reached out to Conny and Tina to make this operation a reality. 

From there, the realization of such a concept was not only a dream, but became a real problem-solving and creative tool! With the feedback from working pros, I knew we had something special.

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Conny Wallstrom

Conny is a photographer, retoucher, and software developer in Sweden. He started using Photoshop as a web developer for nearly 20 years, and has been retouching for 7 years. 

He is also a programmer, which was his main profession until he left and started his own company. 

As you can tell, Conny is incredible at what he does and his voice in the industry has shaped the lives of many creatives through the sharing of knowledge and his development of tools like the famous Retouching Toolkit

Naturally, I had to turn to Conny to make the dream of Infinite Color come to life, and having him on the team has been the heart of this creation. 



tina eisen

I only have a few words to describe Tina in other ways, would need a book to define her. Not only is she a world renown beauty photographer and global ambassador for brands like Profoto, she's a spectacular retoucher, and also has years of experience in the field. We've been friends for over 7 years and we're always on the same level. 

Tina is our operations manager and overall boss lady. She ensures the community develops, things run smoothly, and she's who I go to when I want to problem solve or come up with ideas. 

Tina is also a writer for websites like SLR Lounge and on our site! You'll definitely see her in our group and get to know more about her. 

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